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Jammer Free Wireless Wallet With Nano Earpiece

Manufacturer: Hightech Gadgets India
Brand: Hightech Gadgets
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Product Code: SEJF004
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Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
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Jammer Free Wireless Wallet Earpiece Walkie Talkie


The Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit is intended to provide wireless connection with a walkie-talkie. This spy earpiece kit is designed for use in sepcial situations when a person needs to communicate secretly. It's suitable for use in law enforcement, casino security and personal protection Spy Walkie-Talkie Wireless Earpiece Kit including a inductive micro earpiece, a button battery, a wallet transmitter and a full set of 3W walkie-talkie. This feature-rich earpiece system is ideal for ideal for exams, negotiations, as guard equipment etc. How to use Spy Wireless Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Kit? Install button battery into earpiece and place the micro earpiece in your ear and its completely invisible. Put wallet transmitter into your shirt or coat pocket. The wirelss earpiece could receives the signal send from wallet transmitter when talk in the walkie-talkie. The micro earpiece is inside your ear canal. It receive signals send by wallet transmitter. With the spy wireless earpiece kit you could hear whisper from walkie-talkie miles away in secret and without been detect by a bug finder. Full Set Walkie-Talkie Earpiece Kit should including below walkie-talkie (interphone), wallet transmitter and earpiece .One walkie-talkie serve 10 pcs wallet transmitter. One pc wallet transmitter serves 10 pcs earpieces. Distance between wallet and earpiece no more than 80cm.


Features and specifications of UHF Walkie-Talkie
Sound reminding function
Output power is 3W
Frequency range is 400.000~470.000MHz
99 memory frequency channels
LCD apheliotropic lights of screen
Earphone, microphone, expediency for answring
UHF Frequency: 400~470MHz
Rated Voltage is DC6.0V (5pcs re-chargeable nickel hydrogen battery)
Antenna Disposition: Inductively Loaded Antenna
Antenna Impedance is 50ohm
Working method is same or different frequency single operation
Volume: 80x50x28mm

Item specifics:
Condition: New Branded
Country of Manufacture: India
Style: Branded Wallet
Size: Regular
Earpiece: Nano Earpiece
Battary Backup: 3 to 5 Hr.
Brand: Hightech Gadgets
Size Type: Regular
Key features:: Completely invisible when wear in ear canal.
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)
Colors: Option Available

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